Company Vision

Maintenance FREE & SAVING Energy
- From the Factory to Client

AC DOB (Alternating Current – Direct on Board) LED is a brand-new technology that uses direct on board alternating currents in addition to an optical lens projection system that allows us to create a much more efficient LED solution. What this means, is that we are able to create the same electrical pull without any of the external power components that traditional LED lights come equipped with.

This revolutionary technology all but eliminates the costliest aspect to modern LED lights – maintenance. All modern LED lights use either a ballast, a driver or some kind of power supply source on each individual light to power itself. While the bulb itself might stay intact. this component usually lasts 1-2 years and can be extremely costly when factoring in maintenance and replacement costs to maintain constant upkeep.

Lens Technology - Most high-pressure sodium lamps and current LED solutions utilize some type of mirroring system to redistribute and spread light. This system creates a lot of heat and causes energy bills to spike.

Our lights use an optical lens technology, engineered by the same team that created the lenses for the Samsung Galaxy smart phone. This lens technology allows us to use a magnification effect for redistributing light. This uses much less energy, stays much cooler and allows our lights to last much longer than their contemporaries.

In addition to the massive savings our lights bring, they are also certified to last 13 years and have surpassed testing standards that no other lights in history have passed before... All in a light 1/5th the size of most LED solutions.

AC DOB LED is truly a revolution to the entire lighting industry.